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CBC interview with Russell Bowers on Daybreak Alberta

“Alberta singer/songwriter, Kate Stevens, is barely out of her teens but all she seems to do is make music. She recently attended Canadian Music Week to brush up on the business side of making music, and she managed to come away with a brand new single, "Meant For Me." She sat down with Russell Bowers to play the new track, nerd out over cheesy 70's musicals, and to start things off, one of the stand-out songs from her early output, "Right Choice.""


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Kate Stevens seems to bring the sunshine with her into every room; her warm grassroots vibe emits a comfortability that creates space for constant giggles over casual coffee. The iconic Lukes Drug Mart was the perfect scene to catch up and chat about her upcoming single “Meant For Me.” After a sneak peek of the track days prior, Kate’s new song had been stuck in my head on repeat, offering a summery soundtrack to the change in season!
— Annie DaSilva, Local Drop Magazine

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